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  • Entrenamiento de guerreros cibercognitivos con IA: Orlando, del 4 al 8 de diciembre Cupón de 500 de descuento al finalizar la compra
Entrenamiento de guerreros cibercognitivos con IA: Orlando, del 4 al 8 de diciembre Cupón de 500 de descuento al finalizar la compraEntrenamiento de guerreros cibercognitivos con IA: Orlando, del 4 al 8 de diciembre Cupón de 500 de descuento al finalizar la compra

Entrenamiento de guerreros cibercognitivos con IA: Orlando, del 4 al 8 de diciembre Cupón de 500 de descuento al finalizar la compra

Curso Cyber ​​Cognitive Warfighter


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Entrenamiento de guerrero cibernético cognitivo

4-8 de diciembre de lunes a jueves de 7:45 a 5 p. m., viernes de 7:45 a 12 p. m.


Cyber Cognitive Warfighter Training: Transform Your Cyber Capabilities with AI-Infused Insights

Discover the edge you've been looking for with Treadstone 71's immersive Entrenamiento de guerrero cibernético cognitivo. Featuring hands-on experience with innovative AI tools, including ChatGPT, we tailor this dynamic course to elevate your expertise in cyber intelligence, counterintelligence, and cognitive warfare.

What You Will Gain:

  1. In-depth Browser Security: Master operational security with multi-browser configurations, testing for leakage, and secure alignments to track personas.
  2. Ultimate Anonymity Online: Learn OPSEC methods, persona creation, and Darknet searching without leaks.
  3. Comprehensive Insights into Cyber Intelligence: Explore OSINT, social media searches, personality identification techniques, and cyber HUMINT tactics, and delve into Russian, Chinese, and Iranian Cyber Warfare models.
  4. AI-Driven Capabilities: Employ AI for threat detection, fraud detection, malware detection, network security, incident response, and much more. See the high-level outline below for more on AI.
  5. Personalized Learning with Live Projects: Use ChatGPT and other AI modules to conduct hands-on research and analysis and even build automated hypothesis generators.
    1. Potencia tu recopilación de datos:

      Examine AI-powered solutions automatically sift through online data zeroing in on the information that matters most. Now, identify emerging threats or trends faster and more accurately than ever, thanks to advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms.

      Desbloquear análisis de siguiente nivel:

      Los métodos de análisis tradicionales no pueden competir con la velocidad y precisión de los sistemas mejorados por IA. Los algoritmos en tiempo real examinan enormes conjuntos de datos, detectan patrones complejos e identifican anomalías en la red instantáneamente. Imagínese predecir hoy las amenazas a la ciberseguridad del mañana: ese es el poder de la IA en el análisis de ciberinteligencia.

      Mejore su escritura analítica:

      Why struggle with complex reports when AI can do the heavy lifting? NLP-enabled writing tools help you create reports that are both rich in insight and easy to digest. From auto-generating data summaries to suggesting content structure, we make analytic writing a breeze.

      Logre lo impensable con AI Synergy:

      Integrating AI into your cyber intelligence operations does not just make you faster—it makes you smarter. Harness the combined power of human expertise and machine intelligence for more actionable insights, delivered more efficiently and accurately.

      Are you ready for intelligence that is not just smart, but AI-smart? Upgrade your cyber intelligence capabilities and navigate through the complex and risky world of modern cybersecurity like a pro.

Key Course Modules:

  • Personality Exploration & Management: Through techniques like Myers-Briggs, the Big 5, the Dark Triad/Pitch Black Tetrad, and the Nine Enneagram Types, comprehend human behavior and apply it to cyber intelligence.
  • Cyber Intelligence & Counterintelligence Mastery: Grasp adversary targeting, cyber warfare models, deception methods, and strategic methods focusing on real-world cyber threats.
  • Data Mining & Analytical Excellence: Ensure your data maintains provenance with a patient and pragmatic approach to data collection, validation, and analysis.
  • Writing & Content Creation with AI Assistance: Learn to use cutting-edge AI tools for text-to-voice conversion, video/audio integration, and online content creation.

AI-Enhanced Training for Cybersecurity and Intelligence

This comprehensive training program adopts a multi-faceted approach to cybersecurity and intelligence analysis, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance traditional methodologies. From darknet exploration to social media analysis, the course equips participants with the skills and tools to navigate today's complex cyber landscape.

Software and Tools Integration

Participants will explore essential darknet areas while learning to navigate them safely, and AI algorithms will scrape and analyze darknet data for threat identification. AI will also play a role in social media analysis through natural language processing (NLP) for sentiment and trend recognition. The course employs Maltego, a graph-based link analysis tool, for entity mapping while also integrating AI for automated entity recognition. Tools like Open Semantic Search, Oracle Virtual Box, and Tracelabs provide a basis for comprehensive intelligence gathering. Here, too, AI algorithms improve semantic searches and data indexing.

Real-World Exposure

Live case studies allow for the application of learned methods and techniques. AI tools augment these studies with predictive analysis, data correlation, and cyber threat hunting. Supporting materials, including two books and over fifty documents, come with AI-generated summaries and visualizations.

Course Benefits and Audience

The course standardizes language across the intelligence community, offering expertise in AI-assisted techniques like automated data scraping and sentiment analysis. Designed for intelligence analysts, cyber risk professionals, and researchers, the course is particularly beneficial for those interested in AI applications in cybersecurity.

Requirements and Certification

Participants should be familiar with Internet browsers, Office 365, and general intelligence concepts. A laptop with 8GB RAM and a GPU suitable for machine learning tasks is also necessary. Completing the course certifies students as Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Professionals and offers 52 Continuing Professional Education credits.

Características únicas

What sets this course apart is its in-depth coverage of the intelligence lifecycle, hands-on assignments, and AI-enhanced exercises. It also includes written and oral case study presentations enriched by AI-generated visualizations. Treadstone 71's course restricts resale or commercial use of its materials, including AI resources.

High-Level AI Outline

The course incorporates AI in various facets. For example, AI tools will assess and optimize operational security (OPSEC), identify early indicators of change using STEMPLES Plus and Hofstede Principles, and assist in data aggregation and correlation during adversary targeting. Automated features within Hunch.ly and open-source tools like Tracelabs are also integrated for semantic analysis and optimization.

By incorporating AI at multiple stages, the course aims to produce professionals who are versed in traditional intelligence work and highly proficient in leveraging AI for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.Top of Form

Pre-Requisites & Course Logistics:

  • Basic understanding of browsers and the Internet.
  • Use of preferred VPNs; guidance provided.
  • Pre-class setup for VirtualBox environments, anonymous collection tools, and stand-alone platforms.
  • Breakfast and lunch served daily.

Propuesta de valor única:

  • Adaptable & Tactical: Engage in a crawl-walk-run methodology with hands-on skills validation.
  • Immediate Application: Depart with ready-built, proven configurations to use on day one.
  • Experiencia de aprendizaje interactivo: Through the execution of case studies, you'll pass the course by practical application, not rote memorization.
  • Elegibilidad: US Citizens, NATO member countries, and US-friendly nations only.

If you're tired of paying for generic information that lacks intelligence value, this exclusive training opportunity is for you. We ensure relevant, credible information, valid sources, and proven data collection methods.

High Level Outline

Métodos OPSEC, Herramientas, Configuraciones, Contenedores Las nueve descripciones de tipos de eneagrama
Uso de herramientas virtuales y configuración Reseñas de personalidad: la suya y la de sus equipos
Heurísticas de anonimato y confianza Adversary Risk Models – Intelligence Risk
Selecciones y segmentación de extensiones del navegador Evaluaciones de objetivos adversarios,
Comprobación de fugas Cyber ​​Warfare
OSINT Métodos de recolección – Herramientas Métodos de engaño de contrainteligencia,
Setup your AI tools Training your AI for targeted collection
Training your AI for analysis Training your AI for analytic writing
AI Infused Collection Guerra de información
AI Infused Analysis with collected data Aspectos de la guerra cognitiva
AI traffic analysis for patterns and anomalies AI-assisted cyber persona vetting
AI analysis for sentiment in social media How AI is manipulated
AI threat anticipation AI text semantic analysis
AI data correlation - fusion AI Temporal analysis
Riesgos de la IA AI in types of recognition and detection
AI Infused Analytic Writing (standardards, BLUF, AIMS, Hemingway) Supply Chain Attacks - Resiliency
AI automated summaries AI precise language generation and grammar corrections
AI citation validation AI bias mitigation
AI conclusion analysis AI quality control in writing
SOCMINT, Cyber HUMINT, Adversary OSINT Toolkits, Darknet collection methods Russian, Chinese, and Iranian APTs with AI collection and analysis
Ransomware – online locations and access Cyber psychological operations
Métodos de investigación Fuente Validación Credibilidad Relevancia
Mantenimiento de la procedencia de los datos Gestión de requisitos de inteligencia
Búsqueda de plataformas de redes sociales no estándar ciberpersonas de cobro pasivo
Validation of adversaries - Socio-Cultural Cyber Analysis – STEMPLES Plus using AI Reglas de compromiso (RoE)
Example: Russian STEMPLES Plus Listas de verificación de personas virtuales falsas
Perfiles de adversarios para la evaluación y priorización de riesgos: tarjetas de béisbol Seguimiento de actividades
myers-briggs, Evaluación y análisis de feeds de Threat Intelligence
The Big 5 AI and other tools for presentation
The Dark Triad/Pitch Black Tetrad, Casos de estudio
The Psychological Techniques of the Seven Radicals, Ejercicios prácticos prácticos
ChatGPT Adversary Use of AI
Review of available AI Tools Cognitive Warfighter Skills and Capabilities

Take control of your future in cybersecurity and join a network of elite professionals. For a detailed course outline or to enroll, contact us now!

Experience the transformation. Gain the advantage with Treadstone 71's Cyber Cognitive Warfighter Training.

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